The smaller the group, the more at home I feel. And yes, groups of one are a thing I guess.


    I think one of the problems with being an introvert or/and having mild social anxiety is that you constantly over-estimate your importance to others. I’m talking in terms of just being friends, not romance or whatever else. Because we are not normally open with others and are naturally very quiet, when we find that rare someone we can talk to and do stuff with, we value them as a very good friend. The fact that we are comfortable around them means a lot. The interactions with them feel special.

    However, the other person might be an extrovert, social butterfly type. Meaning that to him, the interaction with you means nothing at all. Its exactly what that person does with the tens of people in their social circle. He might be the only person you can speak openly to, but you are just one of the many many he can speak openly to. If you’re not out with him, you’re alone. If he’s not out with you, he’s with yet another one of his friends. The other person doesn’t even have to be particularly outgoing for this to happen, he just needs to be normal or average in terms of social interactions. Your friend to you is like the $100 note to a homeless man. You to your friend is like the $100 to a millionaire.

    I’ve actually been lead on before to believe I was a closer friend to someone than how that someone really viewed me. I would understand if I was being led on in terms of a romantic relationship, but who the hell does that just for friendship?

    Just thought I’ll put it out here, since this is one problem of introversion/social anxiety that I feel is not mentioned often.


    looking for anime recommendations

    I’m looking for anime series to watch. Must not be slice-of-life/comedy/romance as its main genre. Preferably dark and depressing, able to screw with my emotions and make me cry. Must be fast paced, can grab me by the balls right from the first episode, no filler, no fanservice, no long running 100+ episodes. It is important to have characters I’ll be able to form attachments to, and care about what happens to them. No overpowered, invincible characters, no characters that can randomly pull special powers out of nowhere to win the fight. No annoying main characters. Preferably not mecha unless it is exceptional. Preferably no harem elements but I can like an anime in spite of it. No pointless shipping. I’ve no issue with homosexual elements provided it is done in a tasteful, genuine way. Anime with twists are a plus. So are those with good non-generic villains.

    Here below I’ve provided the anime I’ve rated, dropped and put on hold, so as to make it easier for people to discern my tastes and recommend. Any suggestions? Don’t give me anime already on my on-hold list. Especially for people who agree with my 4/5s, 4.5/5s and 5/5 (SHINSEKAI YORI = MASTERPIECE!), please help. Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.


    - Shinsekai Yori


    - Shingeki no Kyojin

    - Fate Zero

    - Death Note


    - Madoka Magica

    - Psycho Pass

    - Claymore

    - Sidonia no Kishi  

    - Gunslinger Girl

    3/5 & 3.5/5

    - FMA

    - Sword Art Online

    - Elfen Lied

    - Berserk

    - Hataraku Maou Sama

    - Suisei no Gargantia

    - Now & Then, Here & There

    - The Pilot’s Love Song

    - Brynhildr in the Darkness


    Fate Stay Night


    - Neon Genesis Evangelion


    - Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate

    - Gantz

    - Space Battleship Yamato 2199

    - Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

    - Texhonolyze

    - Baccano

    - Aoi Bungaku

    - Planetes

    -  Pupa

    - No.6

    - No Game No Life

    - Accel World

    On Hold

    - Shiki

    - Monster

    - HxH

    - Sundays Without God

    - Kino’s Journey

    - Selector Infected WIXOSS

    - Anohana

    - Mirrai Nikki

    - Girls Und Panzer

    - Nagi No Asukara

    - Phantom Requeim

    - Monster

    - Kino’s Journey

    - Mushishi

    - Noragami

    - Steins Gate


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    Neighbour A throws one rock at Neighbour B’s house every single day for a few months. One day, Neighbour B decides he’s has enough and throws all of the rocks back in one go. Neighbour A then complains of injustice.

    Whenever Neighbour A throws rocks at Neighbour B’s house, Neighbour B uses his furniture as a shield to protect his children from the rocks. As a result, Neighbour B’s children are rarely hurt during the rock attacks. When Neighbour B retaliates, Neighbour A uses his children as a shield to protect his furniture from the rocks. As a result, Neighbour A’s children get very badly hurt when Neighbour B retaliates.

    Neighbour A then parades his bloodied children around the entire neighbourhood to drum up sympathy for him and to vilify Neighbour B.


    Pink Dot? So while we’re at it, why not hold an event for every unconventional sexual preference? How about BDSM Dot? Or maybe Necrophilia Dot? Bestiality Dot anyone? Not that I’m into any of those, but I would find it awfully hypocritical if you want your deviant sexual practices to be accepted, but then at the same time, condemn other sorts of those just because they are not your type of weird.


    the way elsa covers her mouth when she laughs with anna (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧✧

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everyone could use a personal armin to cheer them on

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    everyone could use a personal armin to cheer them on

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