The smaller the group, the more at home I feel. And yes, groups of one are a thing I guess.


    I honestly dislike this scene so much. 

    At that part in the film, Pitch has lost everything. The children can’t see him anymore, Jamie walked right through him (which for a spirit, is probably the most terrible feeling they can possibly feel).  Pitch is totally destroyed emotionally, and as if that’s not enough, now they have to hurt him physically.

    He wasn’t even a threat anymore at that point anymore. This action was not taken out of self-defense or out of wanting to protect the children, but out of a sheer desire to hurt Pitch and make him suffer. That’s just revenge, plain and simple. That’s not an action of a hero(ine). 

    If you look at the last gif Tooth is smirking so cockily at Pitch. It shocks me that Tooth can actually see that look of hurt and pain on Pitch’s face in the 3rd gif and can still be smiling. Its almost as if she’s taking pleasure at seeing his pain. Think of it, after knocking Pitch’s tooth she taunts him ever further. 

    If this wasn’t a film aimed at young kids, can you imagine the blood all over Pitch’s mouth, his hands, and the ice? If Pitch had done this to Jack or Tooth, the whole fandom would be furious and hating on Pitch. And yet, when Tooth does it, I see so much of the fandom saying how this is so funny and how its their fav scene and so on. 

    And what message does this impart to the children who are watching? That they supposed to take revenge instead of forgive? That its alright to go hit someone you don’t like? And take delight at their pain after that?

    Isn’t this the point where the Guardians have to show that they are the better person than Pitch? That they are of higher morals? Instead, they show that inside them, they still possess the same capacity to take revenge, the same capacity to hurt, and the same capacity to take pleasure from it.

    Really, Dreamworks. This scene was totally unnecessary. Just because of trying to get the audience to laugh, they’ve diminished the message of the film and left me with a little less respect for Tooth.

    I really love the Guardians and Tooth, but just not in this scene. Sorry.

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      If you think Tooth should have been a passive victim, you’re setting up children to be hurt by people like Pitch.
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      Yes. Yes it does. Different Universes means different characters. Even if they share the same names, they are still not...
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      Because they are not in the same universe (book/movie) doesn’t mean they aren’t the same people. The movie apparently...
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